About Us

Ring Ching Ching was created when I could not find any stylish or modern sorority swank out there. I was looking for an initiation gift for one of my pledge sister’s daughters and nothing hip and fun was to be found through my internet searching.
I worked with a graphic designer to help me design my first stationery as a gift for her….and it was a hit! Sorority Sisters, mothers, daughters and friends had never seen anything like it and wanted to know where they could buy it.
Voila…..Ring Ching Ching was born.

I was a Pi Phi at the University of Southern California and was initiated back in the day after I went through over 6 months of being a pledge! Imagine I learned all the names of the actives in the house and I could tell you something about each of my 53 pledge sisters. I am still great friends with many of my sorority sisters and feel I have an instant bond with someone I meet who tells me they were a pi phi!
I wanted to name my company after something that reflected my Pi Phi memories and “Ring Ching Ching” is a song we would sing at Monday night dinners and the name brings a smile to a fellow Pi Phi when she hears it!

Today, I am a single mom and have two children, a daughter who is a Pi Phi and a son who is an SAE. I hope you enjoy all the merchandise as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it, not just for my Pi Phi sisters but for ALL you sisters out there!

Jennifer Jackson Martin